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Labyrinths have been part of our human story since the story began...

From snail shells to galaxies, from the micro to the macro, the world we live in displays circling patterns of spiralling motion. Labyrinth design springs from this same patterning blueprint. To enter a labyrinth is to walk into the mysterious heart of cosmic creation.
What will you discover inside of yourself?


What is a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is an ancient design found in cultures all over the world. Unlike mazes which are designed to trick and confuse walkers, labyrinths have one path that leads from the entrance to the centre and back again.

The labyrinth represents you, the path is the journey of your life, and the centre is your centre, the most sacred part of you.

Stepping into a labyrinth is a powerful commitment to understanding ourselves more deeply. Connecting with our centre aligns us with the centre of the living cosmos, helping us step out of our small, individual story into something greater and infinitely more mysterious.

The labyrinth is an invitation to live our lives with more passion, purpose and clarity on who we really are, and what we are here to do

Benefits of labyrinth walking

The many benefits of walking labyrinths include:

- releasing stress

- lowering anxiety

- balancing the body's energy systems

- calming the mind

- being more present in your body

These benefits feed into and encourage:

- enhanced self-awareness

- the release of previously hidden insights and intuition

- greater connectivity and exchange of information between the hemispheres of the brain

- a mindful practice that embraces self-healing

- unlocking of hidden potentials


Get involved

Nobody can walk your path for you

That is why I emphasise learning to draw and walk yourself. Drawing and walking labyrinths is fun and easy to do! If you have even the slightest curiosity about it then I urge you to have a go. 

I regularly conduct labyrinth walks and rituals on beaches near our home in Northumberland and am available for individual, group, and corporate sessions.

For workshops, ceremonies, festivals, gatherings, rituals, and other offerings, please see Services and get in touch via the Contact page.

About Labyrinths: News and Tips
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