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Enjoying labyrinths

There are many ways I can help you integrate labyrinths into your life...


Learning to draw labyrinths

There may be nothing quite as magical as engaging the living world in your labyrinth art; the wind, sea, sky, sun, clouds, birds... everything speaks      

Labyrinths are expressions of sacred geometry, a form of mathematics expressed through art. Drawing labyrinths is fun and can stimulate a desire to engage with the world more creatively.

One of my favourite ways to show how to draw labyrinths is on the beach, fully immersed in the wild outdoors! With a focus on empowering participants to be independent labyrinth artists after a single session, participating in a session learning how to draw labyrinths with me gives you:

  • an understanding of what labyrinths are and why they are  relevant to us

  • the skills to draw different kinds of labyrinths

  • an awareness of the many ways to integrate labyrinths into your life

  • the significance of these ancient symbols and what they can teach us about growth, creativity, healing, and the incredible journey we are sharing called LIFE! 

Get in touch to book a session or enquire about individual and group rates

Labyrinth Consultation

Labyrinths sit naturally at the heart of creative communities.

Are you interested in building your own permanent labyrinth?

Do you represent a group, institute or organisation and want to learn how to install and integrate a labyrinth into your community?

I can walk beside you from inception to completion, assisting with labyrinth design, orientation, and installation; applications for funding and permission; opening and dedication ceremonies, and more.

I am also available for public talks and workshops that illuminate the many benefits of engaging with labyrinths.

If you, your organisation or community would like to learn more about how labyrinths may benefit your projects and endeavours please get in touch.


Labyrinths for Ceremony and Ritual

Noticing, honouring, and reflecting on the cycles, rhythms, and seasons we exist in brings greater awareness of how to live with grace, compassion, and respect for ourselves, the world and each other

Many people wish to mark transitional stages of life but are unsure how to do this outside of traditional, religious settings.

If you are looking for something different in planning any of the following ceremonial events and are wondering how a labyrinth walk could be incorporated, please get in touch: 

  • engagements, weddings, and pre-wedding activities

  • anniversaries including birth, death, and marriage

  • significant occasions such as passing an exam, graduating, starting or completing a project

  • reunions with friends or family

Rituals are performed in response to the cyclical rhythms of the world:

  • full and new moons

  • solstices, equinoxes, and eclipses

Aligning rituals with cosmic cycles helps build community and bring coherence to our bodymindspirit systems

Get in touch if you wish to learn more

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