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Jacqueline explained every step and is brilliantly knowledgeable which in itself made a wonderful experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was incredibly soothing to the mind and soul to walk through something that felt quite magical. I left feeling so calm and at peace and the whole experience is something I highly recommend.


It was amazing to feel part of something bigger than myself!


It was a windy October day when we drew and walked the labyrinth on the beach. Jacqueline gave very clear instructions and showed us how to draw the pattern in the sand. She then led us in a simple but beautiful ceremony with each of us walking to the centre in turn. It was our 50th wedding anniversary, so walking the labyrinth together, meeting in places and parting in others, was particularly poignant. Once we had completed the whole ceremony, the tide came in and washed the labyrinth and our footprints away! The whole experience was very moving.


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